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/// LSMPP Gateway Provider

Applications of SMPP Gateway

SMPP can be used for the following applications:

>Sending Voicemail alerts to mobile users;
>Sending SMS notifications to mobile users, for instance when a server is down, or to notify students that a lesson is cancelled;
>Information services : sending stock exchanges, traffic jam alerts or weather forecasts;
>Voting, process votes from mobile users (Requesting music on the radio;
>MMS notifications, when users pay for ringtones and Java applications, the download location is send by a MMS notification or WAP Push message;
>Telemetry applications.


SMPP is used by clients to connected to a SMSC (Short Message Service Centre). In SMPP terms, the client is called ESME (Extended Short Message Entity). SMSC's can also exchange data using a SMPP connection.

Messages Send to a SMSC are called MT (Mobile Terminated) messages, because they are sent to a mobile phone. Messages received from a SMSC are called MO (Mobile Originated) messages, because they were sent from a mobile phone.

When an ESME establishes a connection using SMPP, this can be done in three modes: Transmitter, the ESME can only submit messages to the SMSC; Receiver, the ESME can only receive messages or delivery reports from the SMSC; Transceiver, the EMSE can bot send and receive messages to and from the SMSC.

SMPP Gateway

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