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With careful control, paid search can drive huge quality traffic to you business for which you get a good return. In major companies with online presence 55% - 60% of the marketing is now spent on paid media online and it clearly works them.

The main benefits of using paid search marketing in Google Adwords is that it gives you:

1. Controlled Targeting. You can reach your desired target audience when they are looking for products that you sell, i.e. high purchase intent.
2. Low Budget Wastage. With the right keywords in Google Adwords, phrase match, exact match or broad match in combination with keyphrases, you can ensure that your ads are only shown when searchers are searching for relevant products.
3. High Predictability. Traffic volumes, ranking, returns and costs tend to more stable and more predictable than SEO.
4. High Speed of Reach. PPC listings appear much faster, usually in a few hours (or days if editor review is required). This is particualrly important for time driven sales strategies when losing time can be a big factor.
5.Better Control. Achieve high ranking and direct visitors to the relevant page on your site. With the right technology, and that means a bid management system, creative / copy and budgeting can be tightly controlled.
6. High conversion rates. Paid Advertisements tend to have the high conversion rates where viewers with hhigh purchase intent are directed by the search engines.
7. Win Win for Branding. Even though users may not click on your ads, being seen in the search results positively builds yor brands and affects you conversion rate in the longer run.

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